Tele medicine

We plan to offer tele medicine facilities with a doctor for those who are unable to access medical facilities.

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Clinical Help

Our plan is to set up clinics so that patients can afford services related to or prevention of cancer. These services could include vaccination, blood bank, etc

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We also offer counselling to cancer patients and care givers in order to ease mental pain.

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From Co- Founder’s Desk

Cancer is a disease that does not only affect the patient but also has the capacity to disrupt the lives of the whole family. It gets more scary and dangerous for a family that does not have enough resources to get the proper treatment in order to combat cancer.

Even in states like Punjab which is rich in resources in terms of GDP, the health care system especially for Cancer patients is not up to the mark. Patients have to travel across the state in order to get proper treatment that they can afford. For states like Bihar, the condition is extremely bad.

In such scenarios, we want to offer treatment to people who are unable to afford the expenses of a proper treatment. We further plan on expanding our services to organize awareness camps in schools and colleges regarding prevention from cancer.

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